Greetings from Grace Ministries.

I would like to tell about myself briefly. My name is pastor k.s.peter palani and I was born in a Hindu family. Later I was saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. I come from Hindu background and I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. I am the elder son in my family. I have six sisters. In 1992,God spoke me through he word. He called me to His Wonderful Ministry. So I have joined Bible Training Institute in 1994 and learned more about the Bible and His words In1997 I started the Lord’s Ministry in (Thirumizahasai) in Chenni. I have very burden in my heart about this area people to preach the word of God and his love and distribute tracts. Many people are very eager to know about Jesus and His love. God delivered many people from the sickness and bondage of Satan.

Now the people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Please pray for this Ministry in your personal prayers and family prayers. At present I am doing the Ministry by God’s faith. I have Orphanage home and ministry to Blin, Leprosy and Gypsy people. I am doing the Ministry by God’s vision. My main vision is to deliver the people from ideal worship and also to help the poor and orphans by providing them food, clothes, education and shelter. And also to built churches for our Lord Jesus Christ in the remote villages.