Blessed is who has regard for the weak” The Lord delivers him in times of trouble. Ps 41:1

Thou art the helper of the fatherless” (Pslam 10:14)When I was doing my Ministry in the villages I saw many orphan children’s who were looked after by their guardians, Lord gave a vision in 1998.Igathered some orphan children’s and arranged a small portion in my house and now I am maintaining the Orphan children, name is “EDEN ORPHANAGE CHILDREN’S HOME” About 25 orphan children are staying in Children’s home with the less offering. We are giving providing food, clothing, and accommodation and also education, There is no support individually; I am running this home by prayers. Anyway I was forced to maintain the Children home without break, for this I need your prayer's me to maintain the children's home without any break.

I want to share my sufferings in conducting the orphanage home for children. There are 25 children in our home. We have to feed them with food, to provide uniforms, books, note books, shoes and to pay school fees examination fees etc., I find it very difficult to run the orphanage home in these hard days. Especially during this period where the cost of living is so high. At this juncture I am hardly in need of sponsorship this year for Education. It will be of much helpful if you could sponsor one of our children by bearing cost of their living and their studies. The maintenance cost per student will be around $ 20 per month.

I you not mistake me i like to ask one thing with you, if you will please send your children's shoe and clothes, pen and toys. If seed it we will very thankful to you. Hear (our orphanage home) no mother & father for our children's so your love and pray need for our orphanage children's Please I once again ask you to pray for this thing to meet. it is written let him who boasts, boast the lord, for the Kingdom of God consist in talk but in power.