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The chief purpose of Grace Ministries(GM) is to obey these commands.

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Jesus told his apostles to go, make disciples, baptize them, and teach them. The chief purpose of Grace Ministries (GM) is to obey these commands.

Sharing The WORD:
Grace Ministries primarily exists to provide the Word of God, with study notes, in the contemporary languages of India, to help people understand and practice it.

The Indian subcontinent features more than 16 major languages, each spoken by large sections of the massive population of more than a 1.37 billion. Having a Study Bible is these languages will enable people to know Christ and grow in their knowledge of Him.

Most existing vernacular translations are old, outdated, and without study aids. New generation followers of Christ have little or no access to biblical resources to help them understand their faith and become mature in thinking and practice. Many pastors and leaders have no theological education. This makes them vulnerable to every whiff and wind of erroneous doctrine.

The GM Study Bible is an answer to this critical need. It is the fruit of years of labor by American missionary Bob Crow and an Indian colleague, who saw the challenge and committed himself to overcome it. He and his partner Jeevan Nair produced the first ever Study Bible to be produced in India, for the Indian context. The initial translation was published in English and Telegu. The New Testament is now available in Hindi, India’s national language, and is being translated into other major languages as well.

The language versions and study notes are revised periodically to improve the text, eliminate errors, and incorporate new material.

GM undertakes reprinting, translating, and publishing of the Study Bible and associated biblical literature, for sections of the church in India that face a scarcity of this vital resource. Printing and distribution are carried out in collaboration with other leading Christian publishers.

Empowering & Supporting:
Secondly, Grace Ministries has been facilitating pioneering work in regions where the Gospel is unknown. We do this by supporting ministers of the gospel with finances where feasible, supportive care, administrative assistance and overall accountability.

Caring for People in Need:
The Indian subcontinent is a basket of vast human needs, a never-ending challenge. People suffer from poverty, inequality, illiteracy, poor healthcare, and prevalence of HIV. In such a scenario, Grace Ministries provides material help in the form of nutritious meals for poor children, essential medical assistance, and basic village schools where there are none. At times, GM has been able to provide care for abandoned orphans and tube wells for thirsty villages.

Over the last 35 years, Grace Ministries has brought hope, health, and the Word of God to tens of thousands of people. To rephrase a well-known quote: where there is vision, the people are saved.

We welcome you to join us in this great work, in this ancient land.


After more than 2000 years, we are closer to the second coming than ever before. The message and motivation of the Nazarene is as relevant now as it was then. His was a small group, a small beginning, yet millions down the centuries and across the globe have been inspired and empowered with hope, healing and salvation.

He was the inspiration for Bob Crow, who left the sailed from the shores of America, to become a blessing on Indian soil. His legacy lives on through Grace Ministries, a not for profit organization, under the leadership of Jeevan Nair.

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Sharing the Word

Biblical study resources
in native languages

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Empowering & Supporting

Encouragement, resources,
and assistance for ministry

Caring for People in Need

Bringing help and
hope where there is none



A lot has changed, but not our needs, nor the human condition. God’s word is as relevant today as it was then. It cannot be made more relevant that He has already made it to be. But all too often, the relevance is unclear because of obscure language, lack of study tools, and human error. The GM Study Bibles are easy to read translations, together with authentic study material, in an affordable package for Indians. .

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The tribal people of India… original inhabitants of the land… lacking even basic facilities… victims of neglect and exploitation… suffering injustice and deprivation. Grace Ministries reaches out to the Koya tribals with the good news of the kingdom of God. Grace Ministries supports and sustains many other pastors and evangelists… working in different places across India.

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For the last seven years Grace Ministries has been providing daily nutrition and hope to HIV infected and affected families. Currently help is being given to 20 such families, 18 of which are women with children. Some have died of AIDS and have been replaced by others who need similar help. Stigmatized and bereft of hope, these victims have found the love and acceptance of the Heavenly Father.

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Will you join hands with us in this significant initiative to impact the lives of people and communities?

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