Leviticus i
The Jews called this book by its opening words in Hebrew – “And he called”. The name in English came from the name the Greek translators of the Hebrew Old Testament gave this book. Leviticus means “that which pertains to Levites”.
Author and date:
See the introduction to Genesis.
One theme is the need for cleanness and holiness in every part of life. God is holy, so His people must be holy. See 11:45; 19:2; 20:7. Another theme is this: God can be approached only through sacrifice. See 16:1-17. Since man is sinful, atonement must be made for his sin. This book is highly symbolic and its symbols point to Christ and the relationship between Christ and His people. Some key words in this book are “sacrifice” and “offering” (nouns and verbs are used about 300 times), “clean” and “unclean” (used more than 130 times), “holy” (used 70 times), and “priest” or “priests” (used more than 170 times). The priests were those who represented the people before God, offered sacrifices and had charge of the worship in the tabernacle.
Five most important offerings or sacrifices 1:1—6:7
Burnt offering 1:1-17
Grain offering 2:1-16
Peace offering 3:1-17
Sin offering 4:1—5:13
Trespass offering 5:14—6:7
Continuous burnt offering 6:8-13
Further instructions about various offerings 6:14—7:38
Consecration of the priests 8:1-36
The priests begin their work 9:1-24
Death of Nadab and Abihu 10:1-7
Instructions for priests 10:8-20
Clean and unclean 11:1—15:33
Clean and unclean foods 11:1-47
Purification after childbirth 12:1-8
Instructions about skin diseases 13:1-46
Instructions about mildew 13:47-59
Cleansing from skin diseases 14:1-32
Cleansing from mildew 14:33-57
Instructions about bodily discharges 15:1-33
The great day of atonement 16:1-34
The place for sacrifice 17:1-9
Eating of blood forbidden 17:10-14
Forbidden sexual relationships 18:1-30
Various laws and regulations 19:1—20:27
The holiness and duties of priests 21:1—22:33
God-appointed special times or festivals 23:1-44
Sabbath 23:3
Passover and Unleavened Bread 23:4-8
Firstfruits 23:9-14
Pentecost 23:15-22
Atonement 23:26-32
Tabernacles 23:33-44
Oil and bread to be continually before God 24:1-9
Punishment for blasphemy 24:10-23
A Sabbath year 25:1-7
Year of Jubilee 25:8-55
Blessings for obedience 26:1-12
Curses for disobedience 26:13-46
Further instructions concerning individuals 27:1-34