Exodus i
The Jews called this book by the opening words “Now these are the names”, and later shortened it to “names”. The name “Exodus” was given later (see the introduction to Genesis). It means “departure” or “going out”, and refers to the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt.
Author and date:
See Genesis author and date.
The deliverance of Israel from slavery is the major theme of the first part of this book, and how God’s people were to live and worship is the major theme of the second part. The whole book is full of symbolic meanings and contains much instruction for believers now. See 2 Tim 3:16-17.
Israel’s enslavement in Egypt 1:1-22
Birth of Moses and his first years 2:1-10
Moses flees to Midian and remains 40 years 2:11-24
God calls Moses at the burning bush and sends
him to Egypt 3:1—4:17
Moses objects 3:11-13
God reveals His name 3:14-15
Moses objects again and God gives him
power to do miracles 4:1-9
Moses objects again and asks God to
send someone else 4:10-12
Moses returns to Egypt 4:18-31
Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh 5:1-21
God’s promise of deliverance 5:22—6:12
Aaron’s staff becomes a snake 7:9-13
God sends plagues on Egypt 7:14—12:30
Water turns to blood 7:14-24
Frogs 7:25—8:15
Lice 8:16-19
Flies 8:20-32
Death of livestock 9:1-7
Boils 9:8-12
Hail 9:13-35
Locusts 10:1-20
Darkness 10:21-24
Death of firstborn sons 11:1—12:30
The Passover 12:1-28
Israel leaves Egypt 12:31-42
Passover instructions 12:43-50
Instructions about the firstborn 13:1-16
Pillars of cloud and fire 13:20-22
Israel crosses Red Sea, Pharaoh’s army drowns 14:1-31
Song of deliverance 15:1-21
The waters of Marah and Elim 15:22-27
God provides manna and quail 16:1-36
God gives water from the rock 17:1-7
War with Amalek 17:8-15
Father-in-law of Moses 18:1-27
God and Israel at Mt Sinai 19:1-25
The covenant of law 19:5-8
The ten commandments 20:1-17
Further laws and instructions 20:22—23:13
Three annual festivals 23:14-17
God’s angel to lead Israel 23:20-23
The covenant confirmed 24:1-18
God gives instructions for the tabernacle 25:1—31:18
The ark 25:10-22
The table 25:23-30
The lampstand 25:31-40
The tent 26:1-37
The altar for burnt offerings 27:1-8
The courtyard 27:9-19
The oil 27:20-21
The garments for the priests 28:1-43
The consecration of the priests 29:1-45
The altar for incense 30:1-10
The atonement money 30:11-16
The basin for washing 30:17-21
The anointing oil 30:22-33
The incense 30:34-38
The builders 31:1-11
The Sabbath 31:12-18
The golden calf 32:1-29
Moses pleads with God 32:30-34
The tent of meeting 33:7-11
Moses asks to see God’s glory 33:12-23
Moses sees God’s glory, God proclaims His name 34:1-7
God gives further instructions 34:10-28
Moses’ face shines 34:29-35
Offerings for the building of the tabernacle 35:4—36:7
The building of the tabernacle 36:8—40:33
God’s glory fills the tabernacle 40:34-38