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The GM Study Bibles are easy to read translations together with authentic study material, in an affordable package. These cellphone apps, can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The online version for Android and iOS (Apple) is completely free. You may download it today.

English Study Bible

A remarkable learning resource for disciples of Christ. A Bible for pastors, leaders, and church members in easy to understand language.

Telugu Study Bible

The first of its kind biblical study resource in one of India’s major regional language: Telugu. Very helpful for who are keen students of God’s Word.

Hindi Study Bible NT

The Hindi version provides clarity of language and authenticity of translation for believers across the so-called Hindi belt and others around the world.

Study Bibles
(Multiple Languages)

English and Indian major languages Study Bibles comes with in one package App. People can study the bible their own language with the English Bible.

The English and Telugu, Hindi(NT) versions of the "GM Study Bible" is also available for iPhone/iPad devices. It is the free Bible app on App store. You may download 'GM Study Bible' in the iOS App Store.


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