Why Another Study Bible?

The 18th century English missionary to India, William Carey, gave the greatest gift anyone can give to the people of India: The Word of God. This came out of a realization that India is the birthplace of several religions, scores of religious scriptures, and that Indians earn to learn.

Wiliam Carey served the Lord Jesus Christ for over 40 years in India. During this time, he translated or aided in the translation of the Bible in over 40 Indian languages. Some of these translations are still being used today. He started a printing press, and the first news paper in the country – Samachar Darpan.

More than a hundred years later, in the 1950s, another missionary, George Robert Crow, came to India from the USA and decided to do something similar.  He translated the Bible into everyday Telugu. There was already a Telugu Bible at the time, produced by William Carey, but it was about 160 years old and the language had changed considerably.  A new modern translation was needed in spoken Telugu, the language of over 80 million people.  Eventually, it took Bob Crow and his Indian co-workers several years to complete the Telugu translation. It is now being regularly reprinted and widely used.

Then Bob Crow was led of the Lord to prepare a study Bible for India;  not something copied from a study Bible produced for the West, but written specially for India.  Why?  Because the needs here are different; the spiritual language and their meanings are different; and extensive notes are needed for the average Indian Christian or pastor who does not have access to expensive, difficult to obtain, commentaries, concordances and other Biblical aids. 

Bob closeted himself for many years in a tiny room and came out with close to a 1000 pages of notes. By this time Bob Crow had started Grace Ministries, a small, dedicated group with a common vision. The Grace Ministries team checked, reviewed and incorporated these into the Telugu Bible, together with cross references, to create the Telugu Study Bible. This was published jointly with India Bible Literature, a major Bible publishing house in India, in the mid 1990s.

The original version of the Study Bible is in English. On August 6th, 2006, in Secunderabad, India, Grace Ministries dedicated the Grace Ministries English Study Bible to the Lord, for His service and His Glory. Six saints of God, who have known Bob Crow for a long time, prayed and dedicated the English Study Bible. The translation used is Today’s King James Version. Hardbound and close to 2000 pages, the English Study Bible is available in India for Rs 400, or $ 9. This is now a valuable and affordable resource for Christians in India and others across the world.

How can people be saved without hearing and reading the Word of God?
The Word is a two edged sword that can cause a lot of damage to the domain of darkness. Our preaching has a limited and short-term effect; but making the Word of God available to people has lasting impact for generations. Will you pray and support this crucial initiative? If you have been blessed through the written Word of God, this is your opportunity to become a blessing to others. Your prayers and gifts make it possible for Bibles and missionaries to reach the hearts of people in neglected and needy areas of India.

Comment on Study Bible:
“I, at this age, get this Telugu Study Bible.  My ministry and life would have been very different if I had received it when I was a young preacher.  This study Bible helps me to have a deep understanding of God’s Word.  It has meanings of difficult Biblical words, references, exhortations and applications – all in one book.  What a great blessing!” -    
- Yohan (John),
a 70 year old well known Bible teacher/translation in Andhra Pradesh, India.
“Please rest assured that the GMSB is of incredible worth.  Perhaps like you, I have over the years accumulated a plethora of Bible versions with study notes - so there is much to compare with.  But having said that, I think the notes in the GMSB are singularly clear, humble and valuable.  I personally am finding the proofing-editing task a great joy - and over and over again find myself revelling in the clarity with which God's redemptive work is explained - and of course resulting in worship of our One Triune God.  So, be encouraged dear brother.”
- Dr. Ken Anderson.