George Robert Crow (1924-2007) grew up in West Virginia. In 1952, he came to Andhra Pradesh, a state on the east coast of South India. He learned the state’s Telugu(తెలుగు) language well enough to converse and preach in it. A former atheist, he studied in the University of Chicago, where he considered Christians as phonies and sneered at their beliefs. He decided to gather evidence against Christianity.
     However, while reading the New Testament, he turned to the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom he found peace and purpose in life. From then on, he spent his life serving Christ, remaining single and leading a simple lifestyle. At Moody Bible Institute He learned the importance of foreign missions. His interest deepened after he attended a missionary conference.
    Two years after becoming a Christian, Bob Crow became the pastor of a Baptist church in Mason County, West Virginia. He invited missionaries to his church to tell about their work. Soon, the church began to support William Taylor, a missionary to Costa Rica. Uncle Bob also began to think that service in a foreign land might well be the thing God wanted for him. The biographies of William Carey and Henry Martyn moved and inspired him.
      He pastored two more churches, where he made the people aware of the great need for the Gospel in foreign lands. Convinced that he should also try to meet that need himself, he applied to The India Mission and was accepted. He sailed for India in December 1952.
    In India, Bob Crow came to be known as Uncle Bob. He habitually worked 14-hour days, teaching and preaching the Word of God all over India. He served as a Bible teacher with the Evangelical Fellowship of India. Many people came to know the Lord through his ministry. Some Indian young people whom he discipled are now serving Christ in India and overseas.
    In consultation with Indian brethren, Bob Crow translated the Bible into Telugu, a major Indian language, and also wrote study notes. Together they form the Grace Ministries Study Bible, currently available in Telugu and English. It is being translated into other major Indian languages. It is a valuable and affordable spiritual resource for the Indian Church. He wrote five books.
The Guru presents Christ in Indian terms and many people have believed in the Lord after reading it. Also published in Indonesian. [book on PDF]
The Last Tomorrow provides a commentary on the book of Revelation. Dr Paul B Smith, of Peoples Church in Toronto , Canada , describes it as, “the best commentary I have ever read on the book of Revelation”.
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Storm Over Israel is a study of Israel in prophecy.
God's Truth for Man's Errors counters the false teachings of the Charismatic Unitarians, a destructive cult in the Indian Church that teach that the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is from the devil. [book on PDF]
The Way We Are is a book of autobiographical poems, where biblical characters look at themselves.
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