Grace Ministries (GM) operates in India as a registered society, with an administrative office in Bangalore. It is also registered in the United States as a not for profit charity.
      India speaks 16 major languages, each spoken by millions of people. Grace Ministries (GM) seeks to provide the Word of God in these languages, and study resources to understand and practice it. This will enable people to know Christ and grow in their knowledge of Him.  

Our Activities
Translation and Revision: Grace Ministries (GM) translates the GM Study Bible into contemporary Indian languages. Many existing translations are old and outdated. The translations and study notes are revised periodically to improve the language, eliminate errors, and incorporate new material.
     Publishing: GM undertakes the publishing of the GM Study Bible and other literature as funds become available. Printing and distribution are carried out in collaboration with other leading Christian publishers.
    Church Growth
: In areas where the Gospel is unknown, or there is pioneering work, GM provides ministry personnel and stands with them in supportive care, administrative responsibility and overall accountability.
     Response to Human Needs
: India is a land with vast human needs, such as widespread poverty, illiteracy, poor healthcare and prevalence of HIV. In such a context, Grace Ministries provides material help in the form of nutritious meals for tribal and poor children, limited medical assistance, and basic village schools where there are none. At times, GM has been able to provide care for orphans and tubewells for thirsty villages.  

Our Founder
George Robert Crow ministered in India for over 50 years “to help meet the overwhelming spiritual needs of the billion people in this land.” Known as Uncle Bob among his friends, he founded Grace Ministries in 1983, wanting to be “devoted to Christ and committed to declaring the whole counsel of God.” He modeled his high standards, emphasizing “faith in Christ, love for Him, and absolute honesty in all our words and dealings, without deceitfulness or exaggeration.” Although deeply concerned about the physical needs he saw in India, he remained uncompromising about the Great Commission.

Our Partners
Grace Ministries’ activities and achievements come from a biblical vision, Uncle Bob’s commitment and hard work, together with the Grace Ministries’ team,and the partnership of God’s people who have understood and owned the vision, stood in prayer, and provided financial support.